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Heartbeat Conference Time!

7 years ago

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One of my favorite things to do for professional development is to attend the Annual Heartbeat International Conference.  I was never able to go as a board member, mostly due to the  fluid nature of foster child placement.  However, I attended several times as Executive Director of HELP Ministries (Women’s Care Clinic.)  I went to…

Rejoicing for Families!

8 years ago

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Happy Feast of the Holy Family! Each year on the Sunday after Christmas, the Church celebrates this beautiful feast.  Earlier today, I was blessed to see families together at Mass..many whom I know dearly, some just well enough to say “hi.”  Families with young children, families who just started life as “empty-nesters,” single adults…all gathered…

I May Have a “Deformed” Left Hand, but…

8 years ago

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Earlier this week, I read an article that both angered and saddened me.  The title grabbed my attention, because it specifically mentions “a ‘deformed’ left hand.”  I almost could not finish reading it.  An Australian woman chose to have an abortion because her unborn child would have a physical “problem” and might face discrimination in…

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