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Tag: Catholicism

Hey, everyone…It’s Still Christmas!

5 years ago

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Merry 5th Day of Christmas! No, my true love did not give me five golden rings today.  But that’s okay; my wedding ring is all I need on my hands!  Bruce and I did go shopping today for some great-nieces and nephews, because we have another Christmas gathering to attend this weekend.  I hope my…

#WorthRevisit: I Love Him, and His Mother Too

5 years ago

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Today, I am linking up to #WorthRevisit again with a post from three years ago.  Today (September 8th), the Catholic Church celebrates the birth of Mary, the Mother of Jesus.  In this post, I offer some of my limited understanding of this special feature of my Catholic faith.  Be sure to check out other posts…

150 Years of Faith & Family

5 years ago

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This past Sunday, Bruce and I attended a wonderful celebration:  the Sesquicentennial of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Rockville Indiana.  Bruce was born in Belleville, IL but his family moved to Indiana when he was very young.  His family eventually settled in Rockville, among the beautiful rolling hills and famous covered bridges of Parke County.…

The Journey Begins

5 years ago

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Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of the beautiful liturgical season of Lent.  Like many Catholics, my forehead is covered with ashes and my stomach is pretty much empty.  I struggle with fasting every year.  It’s not that I eat big meals (except when Bruce cooks!) but I do snack a lot during the…

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