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Alleluia! He is Risen!

7 years ago

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The celebration of Easter begins, for our home, with the Easter Vigil Mass on Saturday night.  In the early years of the Church, Christians would read the story of our salvation, sing psalms, and pray from sunset until sunrise.  In our modern day, we just gather for about three hours!  Scripture passages include the story of creation, the Exodus, prophecies from Isaiah, and the beautiful Gospel passage of the empty tomb.  Jesus Christ is risen…He is risen indeed!

At our local celebration, seven people were brought into full communion with the Church, and I got a bit teary-eyed!  I sang in the choir, and as I sang the verses during Confirmation, I felt an overwhelming sense of joy.  There is so much richness, so much to treasure in our faith!  How wonderful that seven people have now made a commitment to Christ and His Church!

My prayer is for these new members to feel welcomed by the Body of Christ; to be embraced fully into community.  I also pray that the zeal of these new members  will light a spark in those who may have become lukewarm.  May the joy of the newly baptized inspire us to live as people who truly believe in the power of the Resurrection!  Death and sin have been conquered!  Light has pierced the darkness!  The gates of heaven have been opened to all who believe Jesus Christ is Lord!

Happy Easter!

Kim Padan - Inspirational Speaker