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It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

7 years ago

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Today, I had a lot to do.  Much of that is due to not getting things done last week.  But at some point, I just need to catch up!  I am heading to Chicago tomorrow to attend the annual Heartbeat International Conference.  So, I needed to do laundry, pack…plus make some calls regarding next week’s Volunteer Luncheon for the Peoria Diocesan Council of Catholic Women.  I also wanted to send some belated birthday cards, but alas…they will be even more “belated.”

Within my busy day, I had a scheduled meeting with a friend at Mad Goat Coffee…a favorite place to meet up!  We talked about work and family for over an hour, and realized we need to get together again soon.  We met through my work at Women’s Care Clinic years ago, and I am grateful that we have stayed in touch.  Bruce had dropped me off at the coffee shop with my scooter, since he had to go to work.  This meant I got to scoot home on an absolutely gorgeous spring day…my first long scoot of the season!

As I was heading home, I noticed the numerous red bud trees in bloom, and azaleas just getting ready to pop open. I love spring flowers!  I turned on to my street, and saw a neighbor working on a project in his yard with his teenage son.  I had to scoot past my house to say hi and visit for a while.  His wife came out with their puppy; both of whom gave me a joyful greeting.  We visited a while, but shucks, I had to get going.  There’s a suitcase to be packed!  I went down the sidewalk to my driveway, when the neighbor across the street waved hello.  Another friendly chat began, and I was treasuring the blessing of friendly neighbors.  I don’t get out at much in the winter, so these springtime spontaneous visits are an absolute joy!

Sometimes, despite my plans, God clearly has other things for me to see and do.  Today was a great reminder to embrace the good things and people who are just outside my door.  After a rough winter (health-wise) and a fairly difficult Lent, today’s series of visits felt very rejuvenating.  Simple things can make all the difference in the world!

I hope you have nice neighbors.  If you do, be sure to say Hi more often.  Even if you don’t have “nice” neighbors, say Hi…maybe your kindness will soften their hearts!  Pray for them, and with them.  Treasure them.  If we all did this more often, we’d have more beautiful days in our neighborhoods.

Kim Padan - Inspirational Speaker