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What a Week at #HeartCon15

9 years ago

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Well, it has taken me a full week to post this…but better late than never!  I suppose I was just taking it easy after a wonderful week at the Heartbeat International Conference.  Or more likely, catching up on various projects here at home.


WCC Staff and me As I mentioned in a previous post, I ran into April, the current ED of Women’s Care Clinic, several times.  But I also saw the other WCC staff who were in attendance.  Here we are, after a session where we had hoped to receive a grant from Save the Storks.  Didn’t happen…but we heard from some very inspiring people of this growing ministry!  Three of these women, Bethany, Brittany, and April, have been with the ministry less than one year.  Judy (front row, right) has been with the ministry ten years now!  Fresh ideas combined with wisdom gained from experience is sure to be a blessing.


FullSizeRender One of the highlights of the week was the option to view an upcoming family friendly film, Little Boy.  After the screening, I waited in line to meet Leo Severino, one of the producers for this beautiful film.  I told him that I loved the sound track, the character development, the cinematography… He was happy to hear me use those words!  Ha!  It opens in theaters on April 24th.  I strongly encourage you to see it!



20150410_103457 I was able to attend many informative 20150410_181805workshops and heard some amazing keynotes.  I have followed many prolife leaders on social media, and it was fun to finally meet some of them in person.  In fact, one thing that motivated me to attend was that I would hear Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life of America and Astrid Bennett Gutierrez of Los Angeles Pregnancy Services and The Catholic View for Women. Bruce and I actually sat with Astrid during dinner on the last night; it was a blessing to get to know her a little bit more!


Overall, I had a fabulous time networking and praying with nearly 1000 prolife warriors.  My role in the prolife cause is different now, since I am not working directly in a pregnancy help ministry.  But the calling, the vocation, remains the same: save babies from being aborted and help post-abortive women and men find healing in Christ…to celebrate the beauty and dignity of human life!  I have been to conferences for other professions in the past, but this one has always been my favorite.  It’s hard to top the amount of joy that all of these life-affirming Christians create and share!  Yes, our battle is tough.  Wondering where funds will come from, looking for more volunteers to help, hoping that pastors will be brave enough to speak out against abortion, and praying that the young woman you just spoke to will choose life for herself and her baby… All of these things can overwhelm us at times.  But we know that the joy of the Lord is our strength!

And with that strength, we will carry on…to Create a Culture of Life!

Kim Padan - Inspirational Speaker