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A Different Kind of #WorthRevisit

6 years ago

915 words

Generally, when I participate in the #WorthRevisit Link-Up, I am posting something I wrote before; thus the revisit concept.  Then I share it with the Reconciled to You and Theology is a Verb blogs.  It’s been a great way for me to “meet” other writers and speakers who enjoy sharing their faith.  But today, I have…

Third Sunday is Park Day

My writing has been sporadic here, but I just wanted to share a few simple thoughts and pictures.  After all, not everything has to be profound or challenging.  In fact, today is a perfect day to reflect on the simple things…beauty, joy. My husband, Bruce, and I decided recently to take advantage of the scenic…

#WorthRevisit: Always a Mom

6 years ago

1187 words

In honor of Mother’s Day weekend, I am posting this for the #WorthRevisit link-up on Reconciled to You. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s reading this, especially to my own mom, Kathleen, who gave me, and continues to give me life and love. ************************************************************* Twenty-one years ago, I celebrated Mother’s Day for the first…

#WorthRevisit: Mothers, Earth, and Babies

6 years ago

1362 words

I love this Wednesday “WorthRevisit link-up!  I am prepping this in advance because I will be busy at the Heartbeat International conference.  I looked at some prolife posts from the past, and decided to revisit this one.  It’s a long post, but one of my favorites because it is near and dear to my heart.…

For Better or For Worse; For Wins or For Losses

6 years ago

431 words

Today is the 22nd anniversary of the day I was joined in the Sacrament of Marriage to my husband Bruce!   We have been through many adventures.  We have traveled to many amazing places together.  We have laughed and cried countless times. We also have teased each other about various things, the most common of…

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