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My Heart is Broken

5 months ago

378 words

I completely skipped over my usual Wednesday post, even on Facebook. I have just felt so exhausted by the amount of violence and anger in our society. The verdict came out in the trial over the death of George Floyd. Some people are cheering, others are angry, still others (like me) think there are so…

Only in God

It’s Wednesday, and so I am sharing my “prayer post” from Facebook here. Plus, I’ll add more thoughts since I have more room! The first psalm in tonight’s evening prayer (Liturgy of the Hours) is Psalm 62. It is my favorite psalm, and I love a lot of psalms! I have heard and sung many…

Who is Jesus?

1 year ago

1372 words

I presented this reflection to my Lay Dominican group, the Mary Magdalene Chapter in West LaFayette IN. Due to social distancing, we met via conference call. I look forward to seeing my friends again soon! Who is Jesus? This is the principle question we must ask ourselves and those we love. Who is this Jesus…

Kim Padan - Inspirational Speaker