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3 years ago

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It’s Wednesday again! Over the last few days, I have been busy preparing for a presentation at the upcoming NCCW convention later this month. While doing so, I have been reading about and praying over some sensitive issues which can get heavy and disheartening. In the meantime, I have (somewhat foolishly) read comments online that are hateful and/or ignorant of the Catholic faith which I hold so dear to my heart. (I know I should stay away from comments!)

Anyway, it reminded me of the importance of guarding my heart and mind. I have no desire to isolate myself from different ideas or contrasting worldviews. However, I also have no desire to give the negativity out there the power to steal my joy! I want to get along with people, not for the sake of just getting along but because Human Beings are the most amazing part of God’s Creation!! We are the ones made in the image of God! The best way for me to see the beauty in others is to ponder that which is true, honorable, lovely, and good. Like I said last week, I don’t ignore problems (I have plenty, thank you!) but they no longer have permission to occupy my entire brain.

Think on the good stuff. Put the rest in God’s hands. How can I pray for you this week?

Kim Padan - Inspirational Speaker