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3 years ago

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So, I had major plans for a major launch with multiple episodes on a new website. Best laid plans, yada yada…

But I am still learning so much about how to do all the tech stuff. I have lots of audio files that need editing, because, well, I like to talk. My first episode mentions that it’s April 2021. Yikes! I started this a while ago! So, instead of a big launch, here is just a simple launch. I’ll post here for now, but hopefully soon, I will have this ready for all your favorite podcast apps. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

In my first episode, I share why I am prolife. I also share my first encounter with a Danville legend!

6 Replies to “My FIRST Podcast!”

  1. You held my attention the whole time. 🙂 Good stories. Great message!

  2. I really enjoyed your first podcast, Kim. I’ve respected you and appreciated you since we met through the PDCCW, and it’s nice to learn a little about you. You are putting yourself and your beliefs “out there” and we are in a time that it is so very important to stand up for what is right. Thank you.

  3. Enjoyed hearing more about your life story. Thank you for sharing your pro-life values. Hope a lot of good comes from your podcast.

  4. Congratulations on your debut podcast- it was very inspirational!

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