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He’s Got Me Covered

3 years ago

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Hello friends, and Happy Wednesday!

I have had an interesting week so far. I had a big project planned for next week that has been canceled. While I am a bit disappointed, I know the time I now have open can be used in other ways. This other project was making me a bit nervous because of a time crunch. Now, there is no crunch!

It’s amazing how often things work out like this. Either God gives me the burst of energy I need to finish something, or He removes the task from my plate. He knows full well how much I can handle on my own (yeah right), and at what point I have to completely surrender to Him (sooner rather than later!)

God continues to show up in mighty and in quiet ways! He reminds me time and time again that He has me in His hands; that I should not worry. It’s about surrender and TRUST.

So, dear friends, what do you need to surrender into God’s care? What needs do you have that could use some extra prayer? I am here, ready to pray for you. Type your request below, or send a private message.

Kim Padan - Inspirational Speaker