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Category: Faith

At the End of the Year

4 weeks ago

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It’s NOT Wednesday! It’s Thursday, but God creates every day, so here I am. By the time I pondered posting this last night, I was just too tired. The days are technically getting longer, but my body can’t tell the difference yet! I am working on some writing and stamping projects, very much aware of…

Big News!

4 months ago

171 words

In July, I posted some news about a very encouraging consultation I had with an orthopedic surgeon in Chicago. We discussed possibilities for hip replacement, but first I needed to, literally, get moving. I have had about 12 physical therapy sessions, plus I am moving a bit better at home. (Still using my wheelchair, but…

Who is Jesus?

2 years ago

1372 words

I presented this reflection to my Lay Dominican group, the Mary Magdalene Chapter in West LaFayette IN. Due to social distancing, we met via conference call. I look forward to seeing my friends again soon! Who is Jesus? This is the principle question we must ask ourselves and those we love. Who is this Jesus…

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