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3 years ago

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In July, I posted some news about a very encouraging consultation I had with an orthopedic surgeon in Chicago. We discussed possibilities for hip replacement, but first I needed to, literally, get moving. I have had about 12 physical therapy sessions, plus I am moving a bit better at home. (Still using my wheelchair, but I can stand to reach cabinets or higher shelves.)

In mid-September, I had a follow-up appointment, and we have decided to pursue surgery! Today, I had a pre-op visit in Chicago, and my hip replacement surgery will be in 2 weeks!! Due to my longstanding neuro-muscular issues, I will be in the hospital (Northwestern Medicine) for a few days, then rehab for a couple of weeks.

I don’t expect to recover full mobility, but this should reduce pain a great deal and I may be able to walk with a walker. That’s my goal. I ask for your prayers. It’s going to be quite a journey! (Bruce took the photo above from the waiting room today: 17th floor!)

Kim Padan - Inspirational Speaker