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Trust in Him…and His Timing

3 years ago

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It’s another Wednesday! I had physical therapy today, and it wore me out! In a good way, I must add. When I walk, it hurts quite a bit which is why I am having surgery in two weeks. Sometimes the reality of this surgery is quite daunting. However, I believe God is with me (He never leaves His children!) and He will continue to reassure me.

The life of one who believes in God and chooses to intentionally follow Him to the best of her/his ability is still a life of ups and downs, of uncertainties. We don’t get to skip the hard stuff just because we are baptized. In fact, Jesus told His followers to basically count on having hard times.

How we manage those hard times is key. Several years ago, a surgeon told me I was not a candidate for a hip replacement because of my underlying muscle weakness. She convinced me this was “true.” Maybe it was back then. Maybe surgical techniques have changed. Or maybe I just needed to wait until a particular surgeon gained enough experience to deal with my particular circumstances. My prayers offered up years ago are being answered! I have always believed God is faithful, and I am experiencing His faithfulness again.

Whatever your need is – whether it is physical illness, family brokenness, legal or financial struggles – God hears your prayers! I want to encourage you to continue seeking His will. Never give up. Pray without ceasing.If you are too tired to pray, ask your Guardian Angel to chime in on your behalf. Or ask a friend. That is why I post these thoughts each week. It is a blessing to lift each of you in prayer. How can I pray for you this week?

Kim Padan - Inspirational Speaker