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3 years ago

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It’s Wednesday! I know I missed last week’s prayer post. I was so busy at the NCCW convention and even lost track of which day was which! Last Wednesday night, we celebrated 101 years of NCCW ministry with a fun birthday party. I even got to lead a dance line (but not conga!) through the conference hall! It was fun and lively, and I made many new friends.

Since that rowdy evening, I learned of the bombing in Kabul that took so many lives. I learned of Hurricane Ida hammering down on the people of the Gulf Coast. This afternoon, I learned of my own mother’s health crisis (please pray for her) which came on suddenly.

This is the human experience in this life. Times of absolute joy and silliness mixed with times of tragedy and worry. Hard as it is, God doesn’t want us to become anxious. He wants us to lean on Him, to trust Him…be still and KNOW He is God! Some days this is easier than others, to be sure! But He is faithful.

Through it all, I believe God calls us to community in some form… whether that is praying with Church friends, visiting people who have lost loved ones, or assisting people in need with home repairs. I can’t repair anyone’s home, and visiting people gets tricky if they live far away. But I CAN pray for you. Let me know if you have any concerns; you can post below or send me a private message.

Kim Padan - Inspirational Speaker