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Tag: #WorthRevisit

#WorthRevisit: My Deformed Left Hand

5 years ago

623 words

It’s time for a #WorthRevisit post!  Today, a friend tagged me in a Facebook “memory” from four years ago.  It was a picture (not the one below) from the local Walk for Life.  It sparked memories for me too, as it was one of the last events I served as Executive Director.  I remembered that…

#WorthRevisit: St. Teresa of Calcutta

5 years ago

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Monday was the Feast of St. Teresa of Calcutta, and Facebook reminded me of this post from 2 years ago. At that time, she was Blessed Teresa, but as you probably know, this beautiful woman was canonized on Sunday. So yes, she is a Saint with a capital S! Since I haven’t done a Wednesday…

#WorthRevisit: Those Silly Online Quizzes

6 years ago

745 words

Time for another Wednesday #WorthRevisiting post.  I enjoy linking up at Reconciled to You, and reading what other bloggers have to share.  I decided to go way back today. In fact, this post was originally on my other blog, which is now dedicated to my stamping.  This was written in July 2014, just two months…

#WorthRevisit: Mothers, Earth, and Babies

6 years ago

1362 words

I love this Wednesday “WorthRevisit link-up!  I am prepping this in advance because I will be busy at the Heartbeat International conference.  I looked at some prolife posts from the past, and decided to revisit this one.  It’s a long post, but one of my favorites because it is near and dear to my heart.…

#WorthRevisit: Lion or a Lamb?

6 years ago

459 words

  Once again, I am participating in the Worth Revisiting Link-up found at Reconciled to You.  I did this last week for the first time, and truly enjoyed reading many other posts.  I also enjoy looking back on my own older posts.  This post is from March 2, 2015. ********************************************************************************************** You know the old saying…

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