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Tag: #WorthRevisit

#WorthRevisit: My Deformed Left Hand

6 years ago

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It’s time for a #WorthRevisit post!  Today, a friend tagged me in a Facebook “memory” from four years ago.  It was a picture (not the one below) from the local Walk for Life.  It sparked memories for me too, as it was one of the last events I served as Executive Director.  I remembered that…

#WorthRevisit: St. Teresa of Calcutta

6 years ago

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Monday was the Feast of St. Teresa of Calcutta, and Facebook reminded me of this post from 2 years ago. At that time, she was Blessed Teresa, but as you probably know, this beautiful woman was canonized on Sunday. So yes, she is a Saint with a capital S! Since I haven’t done a Wednesday…

#WorthRevisit: Lion or a Lamb?

6 years ago

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  Once again, I am participating in the Worth Revisiting Link-up found at Reconciled to You.  I did this last week for the first time, and truly enjoyed reading many other posts.  I also enjoy looking back on my own older posts.  This post is from March 2, 2015. ********************************************************************************************** You know the old saying…

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