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Declaring His Praise

9 years ago

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Ps 51 17It’s been a while since I have posted.  I have been busy preparing for some events this month, plus making a boatload of birthday cards for friends and family.  Lots of fall birthdays!

As I have been working on some talks, I went through a file of presentations from several years ago.  It’s funny to see something typed up but with added scribbles on the side.  I still function that way!  I think it’s because I often get a last minute inspiration; perhaps a devotional I read that day, or a conversation with a friend.  God continually speaks, and He continually reminds me to not etch things in stone!

This weekend, I will have two events in Morris Minnesota.  I am looking forward to beautiful fall colors and meeting new friends.  I am also wondering what sort of last minute inspiration will hit me on the way up there tomorrow!

Whatever it is, I will God the glory and praise!  It is He who moves me to speak on the beauty and sanctity of human life.  What an honor it is!

Kim Padan - Inspirational Speaker