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Only in God

3 years ago

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It’s Wednesday, and so I am sharing my “prayer post” from Facebook here. Plus, I’ll add more thoughts since I have more room!

The first psalm in tonight’s evening prayer (Liturgy of the Hours) is Psalm 62. It is my favorite psalm, and I love a lot of psalms! I have heard and sung many musical renditions. (I think my favorite is John Michael Talbot’s version.) I love it because it gets to the heart of the matter when I am at prayer.

I may be tired or in physical pain… “In God alone, be at rest, my soul.”

I may feel attacked by naysayers and the hyper-critical people in my life… “my help comes from Him.”

I may be anxious about a loved one or a difficult situation… “Take refuge in God, all you people. Trust Him at all times.”

It just so happens that earlier today I got an email that gave me a touch of anxiety. I stared at it for a while, then rolled away from my laptop to sort things out. I know God will help me in this situation. It’s not ideal, but He has a remarkable way of creating beauty out of my messes! I could choose anxiety and self-doubt, or I can hand it over to God. This doesn’t mean I am going to sit on the sidelines. It just means I need to let Him be in charge, because I tried it on my own and it didn’t work.

This doesn’t surprise me! I like to retain as much independence as I can, but I should never try to be independent of God! “He alone is my rock, my stronghold, my fortress; I stand firm.”

I just love resting in these words. The psalm also urges us to “Pour out your hearts before Him…” What is on your heart this week? How can I lift you in prayer?

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