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Another Spring Day

3 years ago

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Another beautiful spring day! With windows open, I love hearing the birds singing. Even hearing the hum of motorcycles go up and down the nearby busy streets makes me smile. We were able to visit some family in Rockville for Easter Sunday which REALLY made me happy! Now, Bruce & I are looking at options for a trip to the DC area so I can attend the NCCW convention which was canceled last year. Life is not back to normal yet, not that anyone can define “normal.” I still wear my mask when I go out and I plan to get vaccinated soon. The virus was, and is, real – but so is my longing for human contact. Sharing laughter and hugs and simple tales of our simple days are all things that I crave. Even so, I have much for which I am grateful! I have family and friends, a remarkably loving husband, a beautiful home (that stays in place,) and the perks of 1st world living with Door Dash bringing dinner tonight. Yet none of this compares to my gratitude for God who loves me so much that He sent His Son to live, to die, and to rise again out of great love for me (and you!) This truly is yet another day the Lord has made! I will pray in thanksgiving tonight for all these things and for you, my friends. How can I pray for your needs this week?

Kim Padan - Inspirational Speaker