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6 years ago

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It’s a chilly, damp Wednesday and my to-do list is far longer than I would like it to be.  Mostly because I all but ignored it yesterday.  Fatigue and arthritic pain have a way of putting a halt to my days.  I tried upbeat music, some Netflix…sigh.  It’s just one of those days.

But even this slow day is filled with reasons to continue my theme of Gratitude this month.  I am in my cozy house, away from the chill.  Netflix is easily pulled up on my laptop.  And my music lists are numerous, so I never get bored.  Ah yes, thank you, Lord, for music!!

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just a week from tomorrow.  Bruce & I will be visiting my mom in South Carolina.  I am immensely grateful that we have a reliable vehicle for the long drive.  Barring any sudden kidney stone episodes, Bruce is able to make the drive, and actually enjoys it quite a bit.  I have some books downloaded to my Kindle app, and I’ll probably bring one or two paperbacks with me.  I am blessed to have many wonderful road trips in my life.

Mom asked me if there was any food I would really like while visiting her…she is a very good cook.  I mentioned a few things, can’t really remember all of them, but that’s okay.  My mom’s home-cooked meals are always yummy.  Another reason to give thanks!

I’ll also pack a “small” bag with craft supplies, since mom and I often make a few cards together when I visit.  How small depends on my mood Friday.  Fortunately, mom has a Big Shot, so I won’t have to pack mine…but which embossing folders?  Die cuts?  I could go crazy rather quickly!  She wants to make some basic note cards, and I may try completing a dozen or two Christmas cards.  I’ll leave the messy glitter at home.  I am thankful that my supplies and options are so numerous.

In a short while, one of my cyber buddies, Allison from Reconciled to You, will go live on Facebook for a chat about faith.  We have never met in person, though we have spoken on the phone once or twice when she had a podcast.  I love connecting with other women of faith online, because if I had to rely strictly on face-to-face encounters, there would be so many people I would not know; so many testimonies I would never have heard.  I think about chats with ladies from Blessed is She, and I am following the WINE and Shrine Pilgrimage updates on Facebook.  While I hope to meet Allison in real life, and many like her, I am grateful to live in a time and place where “virtual” relationships can sprout and even flourish.

After I wrap up this post, I think I will pull out a few cards that I have made, and write a few notes to friends and family.  I have belated birthday greetings and a few get well cards that should be mailed tomorrow.  What a blessing to have so many people in my life. (I really should be making and sending more cards to keep up!)  I am grateful to God for everyone of them!

We’re halfway through November.  What are you thankful for?  Share below…I’d love to read your thoughts!

Kim Padan - Inspirational Speaker