7 Quick Takes… It’s Been a While!

http://dcculturecalendar.org/?ai1ec=action~posterboard/cat_ids~892,384,727,386/tag_ids~194/request_format~json Yesterday was Friday, and I got a calendar notification on my phone.  “Write 7 Quick Takes.”  This shows up every single week, because somehow I thought I would get into the habit of participating in this fun blog community posting gig…but alas, I have ignored those notifications for months. So long in fact, that the […]

I’m Back for 7 Quick Takes

https://reisnaarrome.nl/1348-dte85380-super-likes-and-right-swipes:-how-undergraduate-women-experience-dating-apps..html Thought I’d post a few random thoughts again… — 1 — I have been busy this month creating cards for a series of online stamping challenges.  I hosted a challenge on the 14th to make a “step card,” which I had never done before.  Nothing major; just a reminder that it’s fun to try new […]

7 Quick Takes’ Debut on Gabriel’s Mom

Over at my other blog, I joined in the Friday “7 Quick Takes” made popular by blogger/speaker/writer Jennifer Fulwiler. I read her conversion story earlier this summer; it was funny, inspiring, and heart-warming. The idea is to post about 7 random things, nothing too serious. It’s been a while since I have “played,” but I […]