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Follow the Way of Love

3 years ago

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For several years, I have used Wednesdays on Facebook to ask my friends how I can pray for them. This started because I often took my mobility scooter to St. Paul Church for Holy Hour. Between winter weather, pandemic protocols and my own health, I haven’t made a Holy Hour “in person” for quite some time. I post any way because I believe I can pray anywhere! I started adding a few other reflections lately, so I have decided to post here as well. I may even expand on them from time to time.

It’s Wednesday, the Wednesday of Holy Week. It is sometimes referred to as “Spy Wednesday” because it marks the day Judas made his deal to betray Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

How often have I betrayed Jesus for LESS than 30 pieces of silver? Holding on to grudges is a betrayal of the mercy Jesus shows me. Feeling self-righteous is a betrayal of his practice of humility. Focusing on my own daily task list when others reach out to me is a betrayal of his servant’s heart.

Tonight, the reading for evening prayer (Liturgy of the Hours) reminds us to follow the way of LOVE. Not as the world defines it, but as God does. True sacrificial love. It’s not easy, but it is what disciples are called to live.

I pray you will experience God’s love this coming Easter weekend! How can I pray for you?

Kim Padan - Inspirational Speaker