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Praying – from a Distance

4 years ago

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What a bizarre week! The news of this current pandemic has now hit home; public Masses in our diocese have been suspended. This past Sunday, Bruce and I took a short road trip to Indiana to attend Mass, but it is likely they too will suspend Mass soon. We had planned on celebrating Confirmation for several young parishioners. Bruce is the sponsor for one of the boys. A very nice kid who loves the Chicago Cubs, and loves to take jabs at Bruce who is a St Louis Cardinals fan. I hope the event will be rescheduled soon, but who knows.

I have spent the last few years mostly at home. Even when I was still working at WCC, I worked from home three days a week, because we had outgrown the space. Now, my home office/craft room/exercise room is where I spend the bulk of my time. Not that I use the exercise space much, or at all lately. I guess now would be a good time to re-start.

Any way, staying home, social distancing, is my norm. And yet, I am craving fellowship big time. Facebook fills some of the need. I am calling some people a bit more. But face-to-face contact is so crucial to my well-being. Winters are so hard because I can’t get out. Springtime is when I start using my scooter wheelchair more. It’s a bit chilly, but hopefully I can get out for fresh air before too long.

At least I can continue praying for my friends and family! That will never change. I ask for prayer requests each week, which helps me stay connected. I am grateful for my faith, especially during this time. I look forward to holding hands in prayer…soon?

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