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It’s Time for Heartbeat!

8 years ago

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HB ConferenceWebBannerI am getting very excited.  Tomorrow morning I will board a plane for Atlanta where I will attend the annual Heartbeat International Conference! I attended several while I served as Executive Director, and met incredible people.  Smart, creative, generous, and joyful people.  Professional conferences for any field of expertise are important, but a gathering of 800+ prolife Christians will energize you like no other!

I will be presenting a workshop on Thursday afternoon; my first “freelance” workshop at this conference. I did three previous workshops as ED, but the mission is still precious to me.  It is why I still go…to be refreshed and inspired, but also (hopefully) to inspire others.  There is a beauty in this give-and-take ministry. We reach out in love and joy to others, but feel safe enough to admit we need some encouragement ourselves.  This week will undoubtedly be filled with laughter, new ideas, and big hugs!

I hope to see lots of friends and make new ones.  Watch for pictures later this week!

Kim Padan - Inspirational Speaker