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Back to School Evangelization

Today, my fourth (and final) Called to Witness column was published in The Catholic Post.  I have enjoyed this writing project, and might pick it up again in the future. However, at this time, I am getting ready to serve as the President of the Peoria Diocesan Council of Catholic Women.  With my added duties, […]

Summertime Evangelization!

Yesterday, my third installment of Called to Witness was published in The Catholic Post.  This is a continuation of my project to connect parishes with the evangelizaton efforts of the National Council of Catholic Women. This time, I focused on ways to share our faith during the hectic summer season.  You can check out the […]

Advent & the Year of Mercy

I am excited to be starting a periodic column in The Catholic Post; the official diocesan paper for Peoria.  It is related to my work as PDCCW Evangelization Chair.  Here is a link to the issue.  My article is on page 17…something my husband has already shared on Facebook!  So grateful for his support! Ways […]