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My FIRST Podcast!

So, I had major plans for a major launch with multiple episodes on a new website. Best laid plans, yada yada… But I am still learning so much about how to do all the tech stuff. I have lots of audio files that need editing, because, well, I like to talk. My first episode mentions…

Driving out Fear

6 months ago

217 words

It’s another Wednesday! I completely skipped posting my “how can I pray for you?” post on Facebook last week. My heart was tired from all of the angst in our society. I redirected myself on some life-affirming projects (like my Heartbeat presentation which goes live in a couple of hours!) to lift my spirits. I…

Only in God

6 months ago

316 words

It’s Wednesday, and so I am sharing my “prayer post” from Facebook here. Plus, I’ll add more thoughts since I have more room! The first psalm in tonight’s evening prayer (Liturgy of the Hours) is Psalm 62. It is my favorite psalm, and I love a lot of psalms! I have heard and sung many…

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