He Makes All Things New

maximize macrobid price How many people take five days to write a New Year’s post?  At least one, apparently.  It has been bitterly cold here in central Illinois all week, along with most of the country.  I have been hibernating in my home office, completing 2017 Christmas cards (it IS still Christmas!) and prepping for a 12th Day […]

My 2016 Spiritual Board of Directors

buy zyban uk Happy New Year!  It has been quite a while since I have written anything.  I could blame it on the “holiday rush,” but that would be disingenuous.  I was just too scattered in my various projects…everything from making birthday and Christmas cards to writing new talks for some 2016 events to trying to stay healthy! […]

Some Prolife thoughts from St. Augustine

Today is the Memorial of Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, and one of the greatest and most beloved Saints of all time.  Several years ago, I purchased a copy of his Confessions, a true classic.  The book has short chapters, which are easy to review from time to time. So today I decided to bring the […]