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Saturday, Bruce and I returned from a wonderful two week vacation.  We traveled to the southwest region to see one of his brothers, and one of mine.  Along the way, we also saw several national parks and two of my online stamping friends.  Upon returning, I posted a picture of our odometer:  4000.8 miles!  We […]

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A week ago, I had an emotional day, and I imagine it was also difficult for many who hold fast to the idea of traditional marriage.  While a lot of people anticipated the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Obergefell vs Hodges case to uphold marriage “equality” across the country, others predicted the […]

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This week, my husband and I spent a bit of quiet time at a nearby county park. VERY nearby. It probably took all of 10 minutes to arrive in this peaceful wetland just north of Danville. This park was developed in the early part of this millennium, and I remember hearing about it, but I […]