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God’s Love…and Rainbows

A week ago, I had an emotional day, and I imagine it was also difficult for many who hold fast to the idea of traditional marriage.  While a lot of people anticipated the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Obergefell vs Hodges case to uphold marriage “equality” across the country, others predicted the […]

7 Quick Takes… It’s Been a While!

Yesterday was Friday, and I got a calendar notification on my phone.  “Write 7 Quick Takes.”  This shows up every single week, because somehow I thought I would get into the habit of participating in this fun blog community posting gig…but alas, I have ignored those notifications for months. So long in fact, that the […]


Today, hundreds of thousands of people are gathering in Washington DC for the annual March for Life.  Bruce and I had hoped to go this year, but he had surgery earlier this month to get rid of some pesky kidney stones.  (He is recovering well!) Even so, this particular year the March is very special to […]

Today’s Gospel and Post-Abortive Women

I didn’t plan on writing today.  I spent much of my afternoon stamping and updating my card blog and gallery.  I also spent (too much) time on Facebook reading silly stuff and some serious stuff.  I read a few threads that really bothered me…and so I decided to jot down a few thoughts. There was a lot […]

A few thoughts on “After Tiller”

By now, you may have heard that PBS will be showing a film tonight entitled “After Tiller” as an installment in their POV series. This film has received numerous accolades from abortion rights supporters across the country. In this film four abortionists are interviewed, and we are supposed to admire their “courage” for being willing […]